It is my pleasure to welcome you inside the mind of myself. First thing's first, thank you for taking the time to visit and (in advance) for going through my entire blog...just kidding. But, if you do take the time to go through the entire blog, thanks. I am for the first time starting a blog for several reasons. I think it's a neat way of saying what I can't say in public or on social network websites. I feel as though it's a way of being able to speak out to people who feel the same way about social issues, sports, art, etc. Also, it's a nice way to have some fun and say random things, get some laughs out of you, write about whatever comes to mind, or simply say something for shits and giggles. Once again, thank you for stopping by. Enjoy.


Monday, January 9, 2012

And so, it begins.

Good morning! This is officially my very first post and I have no idea what to write or 5:30 in the AM. So since the dictionary is right here, I am going to throw a bit of education your way! Watch out! Take this as "Word of the Day" kind of thing and hopefully you will learn it and use it.

Here it is:

Knish - N - A small round or square of dough stiffed with a filling (as of meat or fruit) and baked or fried.

There it is folks! Take it it all in and learn! I am hungry.

Happy Lunes to all!

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